Introducing Google Buzz

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Todd Jackson, Gmail Product Manager and Google Buzz

Today, the whole world exchanges information via the Internet: we talk about what we are currently doing, communicate with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. These communication flows are becoming more and more “full-flowing”: sometimes it can be difficult to understand messages, statuses, Twitter posts and other updated information and conduct meaningful conversations.

For us, organizing social information on the web is a very important task, and therefore we recently launched services such as real-time search and social search. Today, we are taking another big step in this direction and introducing Google Buzz.

Buzz is a new way to share information, photos, videos, etc. and online communication. The Live Tape service is built into Gmail, so you don’t have to create a new profile from scratch - everything already works. Basically, a giant social graph has always been inside Gmail. Live Tape seems to raise this network to the surface and automatically directs you to the people with whom you most communicate via email or chat. We tried to create an easy-to-use tool for sharing information, including photos, videos and links, which allows you to show updates to all friends or only a limited number of contacts. Thus, now you do not have to use different services to communicate with different groups of contacts. What's more, Buzz is tightly integrated with your Gmail inbox, therefore, you will see only the most important thing in real time. Buzz will appear in all Gmail inboxes in the next few days. Do not forget to check!

When creating Google Buzz, we relied on the openness of other services (you can go to Flickr or Twitter using Buzz in Gmail), and our service is also an open system. Introducing Buzz for the first time, we focused on creating a convenient tool for users, but our ultimate goal is to turn the service into a fully open and distributed communication platform. We are working on creating a complete API with read and write functions for developers, but now we use a simple interface based on standard protocols for accessing open content. Stay tuned for further developments, including integrating Buzz in Google Apps for Business and Education.

We hope you enjoy the new features we have built in Gmail. Learn more about Buzz at . We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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