I am looking for those who want to participate in the open source project NetEmul

    Hello habra

    I want to introduce you to my NetEmul program (not just mine, I wrote with my girlfriend)

    I want to say right away that this is not a PR of my modest project, but a search for people who want to participate in an open source project. Now about the program itself. The program allows you to simulate a computer network, configure it and watch the processes occurring in it. The program is intended (this is a very important point) for students studying computer networks. Despite the fact that the program is quite small, it already has the following features:

    • Add and configure computers, routers, switches, and hubs
    • Configure ip addresses, subnets, and gateways
    • Visualization of packet movement over the network (a very important point in training)
    • RIP, ARP, DHCP protocols work
    • Built-in scripting language
    • Detailed log of all packets passing through the network
    • Thanks to the participation of foreign colleagues, there are already 4 languages: Russian, English, Spanish and Brazilian

    In order not to write too much, I will just show a few screenshots.

    I know that a real computer network guru will tell you that they studied networks without any visual representations and that all this is not necessary. I also studied without all this, but I saw the progress of people who were very far from the networks, but after playing a little with this program, they were already passionate about the process and tried to understand why these circles run this way. I can confidently say that studying networks is much more interesting.

    Why am I looking for those who want to participate? Because now I have very little time to deal with this project, but I really want the project not to die, especially since many people and not only in Russia have expressed the opinion that he should live. I am not looking for people who will do something for me. I am looking for enthusiastic people who want to gain experience in a team, participate in a more or less large project, people who are interested in this topic or those who want to pee on Qt. I will be glad to any suggestions.
    You can familiarize yourself with the project and download it at

    Thank you all for your attention.

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