Runetology (41): WebMoney Development Director Peter Darakhvelidze

    WebMoney Development Director Petr Darakhvelidze - about the history of the development of the largest Russian payment system, about record transactions, about problems of state regulation of the market, about upcoming WebMoney products and about the quality of the support service.

    Guest Interview:
    • WebMoney story: on the crest of 98th default wave
    • Where does the ant come from the WebMoney logo?
    • National Payment System Act: Details and Comments
    • WebMoney products and the problem of insufficient user awareness
    • What is e-money in terms of law?
    • Stumbling block of payment systems
    • How to prevent fraud?
    Discussed news:
    • Rambler will fight for ICQ
    • eBay came to Russia
    • "Classmates" and "My World" are united?
    • 17-year-old webmaster from Moscow became famous in the USA
    • Tracker was left without a domain
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