Spell Checking in Visual Studio

    Considering a good tone of programming, I always leave a sufficient number of comments in the code of my programs, and since I work for a foreign company, I have to do this in English. I am satisfied with my knowledge of English, but unfortunately no one has freed us from stupid mistakes like “typo”, so I thought about checking spelling. As they say, Google to help, but nothing was found, nothing suitable was found:
    1. studiospell  - Paid
    2. IntelliSpell  - also paid
    3. VS Spell  - Support only VS 2010
    and so on ...

    After a bit of sadness and recalling the recent experience of creating add-ons for the studio, quickly in two days I sketched the spelling check in any piece of the selected text using the Hunspell library and dictionaries .
    1. Spell check in any language - just copy the dictionary with the desired language into the addon folder
    2. Spellcheck in selected text
    3. Standard features for spell checking: Skip, skip all, add to the dictionary, replace, replace all

    Installation and use:
    • Download the archive from the project site  VSSpellerAddin
    • Unzip files to the \ Documents \ Visual Studio 2008 \ Addins \ folder
    • We launch the studio
    • Select the desired text and select Spell check ... in the context menu.


    Text verification occurs exclusively in the verification window for two reasons:
    • I could not find a way to emphasize the text in the editor - if anyone knows how - I will be very grateful
    • Plugins that emphasize the text (IntelliSpell, ReSharper) noticeably slow down the studio

    The Open Source project and I hope that it will be useful not only to me.

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