How to download from torrents, have a good rating and at the same time remain anonymous

    The article is based on my personal experience . For successful repetition , PayPal is required , it is available for dispatch from Russia and Ukraine.

    Long before the sad events with, I decided to ensure my anonymity and at the same time use the Demonoid tracker. Since I am from Ukraine, access for me was closed there.

    Then I decided to spend a small amount (up to $ 50) and rent a server from which I could download torrents, surf from the server IP (goodbye to the Demonoid problem), and quietly download the files I needed while maintaining anonymity.

    First of all, the server. For my needs, a low-power server is enough, but there should be enough traffic and disk. After searching, I found the cheapest option - only $ 39 per server with this configuration:

    • Atom Dual-Core 1.6Ghz Processor
    • Memory 1GB Ram 800mhz
    • 250GB drive
    • 2000GB traffic
    • 5 IP addresses (alas, from the same subnet)
    • 100MB channel (true only in the USA)

    You can order a server at this link , but keep in mind - their number is limited and may not be enough for everyone.

    I ordered a server without any control panels with a clean CentOS 5 distribution. You will receive a root user password on your mailbox and you will need an ssh client to manage it. For Windows, you can get it here , on Linux, FreeBSD & MacOS it comes bundled.

    I advise you to change the ssh port to some non-standard one: In order to climb sites from the server IP, you need a proxy. I advise you to take 3proxy, but unfortunately it is not included in the CentOS package. As well, and many other useful software. This is very easy to fix by installing additional repositories: RpmForge , CentALT and Epel .
    echo "Port 30022" >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    service sshd restart

    Using yum, it will now be possible to install the necessary software:
    yum install 3proxy
    Here is the working config for 3proxy, it must be placed in /etc/3proxy.cfg: It creates the user anon with a password, the proxy settings for the browser will be the IP server and port 3128. Now let's move on to the torrents. There is a very simple client with console management. Of course, if you wish, you can also connect the web interface, but on 1GB RAM this desire quickly disappears;) In fact, there is nothing complicated, you just need to run it from some user and do it in screen: Now create a user, for example kachalka , and give it a password. The fastest way to upload or download a file from the server is FTP. Personally, I use proftpd, especially since it picks up on the fly our created user kachalka.
    nserver подсмотреть IP можно в /etc/resolv.conf
    nscache 65536
    timeouts 1 5 30 60 180 1800 15 60
    users anon:CL:суперсекретный пароль
    log /dev/null
    auth strong
    allow * * * 80-88,8080-8088 HTTP
    allow * * * 443,8443 HTTPS
    external тут первый IP сервера
    internal а тут второй
    auth strong
    deny * *,
    allow * * * 80-88,8080-8088 HTTP
    allow * * * 443,8443 HTTPS
    proxy -n
    auth strong
    allow anon
    maxconn 4
    auth strong
    allow anon
    maxconn 4

    yum install screen rtorrent

    adduser kachalka
    passwd kachalka

    yum install proftpd

    Since the server has 1GB of RAM, you need to free up the maximum. Start ntsysvand leave only these services enabled:
    • 3proxy
    • haldaemon
    • irqbalance
    • mcstrans
    • microcode_ctl
    • network
    • proftpd
    • sshd

    We’ll check the server’s work by restarting:
    If everything is done correctly, then in a couple of minutes you can log in and everything will work. Except rtorrent. About him - in more detail:

    Usually I upload all torrents through a browser to a separate directory, so it would be wise to make the user kachalka exactly like that and upload all the files there and upload the downloaded via FTP.

    And now, most importantly, how to manage rtorrent for ssh:
    First, create a screen: screen. This is an additional console that you can leave hanging when you close the connection to the server.
    In the screen, we become a user of kachalka:
    su - kachalka
    And we start rtorrent, setting it on our torrents:
    rtorrent -p 20000-30000 directory-with-torrents / *. Torrent

    The rtorrent control menu will appear. The controls are very simple, use the up / down arrows to go through the downloads, left / right - we enter the detailed information for each download.
    Additional key combinations:
    • CTRL + q - the first press sends a signal to the trackers to complete the work, the second one turns off the client without sending.
    • CTRL + s - starts the download
    • CTRL + d - stops downloading, pressing again deletes

    The remaining less important combination can be found in the documentation: man rtorrentor by asking me in the comments.

    And finally, about controlling the screen. In order to leave the console alive and make a return to the main one, the following combination is used:
    CTRL + ad - first Control and a, and then just d. If you played Mortal Combat, then this combination will not create problems;)
    And you can return from the main console with the command: screen -r

    That's all. Since the server works without stopping, it will also be distributed constantly, which is very good for your rating!

    PS If you still have the torrents downloaded from the tracker, then entering the "magic lines" in the / etc / hosts file, you can not re-download the torrents and continue downloading and distribution:

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