TOP-10 banks, whose cards were paid on the Internet in the IV quarter of 2009

    MoneyNews, together with the Interbank Electronic Delivery and Payment System, conducted another quarterly study to determine the rating of banks whose cardholders pay for purchases and services in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.
    The study analyzed transaction data for the IV quarter of 2009.

    The rating results are reflected in the TOP-10 of Ukrainian banks presented below .
    1. RaiffeisenBank Aval 33.8% (0)
    2. PrivatBank 18.7% (0)
    3. UkrSotsbank 9.9% (0)
    4. OschadBank 5.6% (+2)
    5. OTR Bank 4.6% (-1)
    6. Ukrsibbank 3.5% (0)
    7. Ukreximbank 3.0% (-1)
    8. Finance and Credit 2.4% (0)
    9. FUIB 1.7% (0)
    10. Universal bank 1.4% (+2)

    * Note: the numbers in brackets indicate the movement of banks' positions in comparison with the previous rating:
    (0) - the position of the bank in the rating has not changed;
    (+1) - the position of the bank has risen in the ranking;
    (-1) - the position of the bank fell in the ranking.
    The share of other banks amounted to 15.4%

    “In the current rating, there was a slight redistribution of positions and one participant disappeared - Nadra Bank. In the previous rating, he shifted from 5th to 10th place, and now he has completely left the rating. Instead, Universal Bank appeared, ”comments Igor Gorin, Director. - But Oschadbank continues to rise - in the last rating it rose from 8th to 5th place, and now we see it in 4th place. Apparently, this is due to the fact that, due to the difficult situation in the country, people began to trust the state bank more. ”

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