Office Package Usage Statistics

    The German company (apparently, the developer of the web statistics system) published data on the use of various office suites. They don’t write about the method in detail, they only say that they analyzed the installed fonts. Considering that not everyone sets up default packages, as well as disabling Java scripts, the error of this data is quite large, and IBM Symphony, judging by the comment of some user, could not catch their statistics. But still it was curious to see.
    The leaders in using OpenOffice are Poland, Czech Republic and Germany - more than 20% of users. In Russia, only 6% of OOo users versus 76% of MS Office. He smiled that iWorks is used more often in wealthy francophone countries - the glamor is invincible :) But in general, the adoption of open packages and document standards by the general public rests on the sane state. politics - that's why Western and part of Eastern Europe are leading.

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