Opera Releases Beta of New Opera 10.50 Browser for Windows


    February 11, 2010 - Oslo, Norway

    Opera today unveiled a beta version of Opera 10.50, its latest and most functional desktop web browser. In addition to its impressive speed, Opera 10.50 beta offers a minimalistic interface that frees up maximum screen space for website content.

    The latest version of the browser supports many new features and even more open web standards. Beta for Windows can be downloaded for free at www.opera.com/browser/next . Beta versions for Mac and Linux will be available shortly.

    The fastest browser
    High-speed engine for processing JavaScript, support for the graphics library and excellent speed even on “slow” networks thanks to the updated Opera Turbo technology - all this gives Opera 10.50 the right to claim the title of the fastest browser on the planet. The new Carakan core runs web applications more than eight times faster than its predecessor. The download speed of even content-loaded websites is now amazing.

    The entire beta interface of Opera 10.50 is rendered using the new high-performance graphics library Vega. This allows you to speed up and smooth out all the graphic effects: from switching between tabs to animating on web pages.

    New interface with a minimum of elements
    Opera 10.50 features a well-thought-out, minimalistic interface that frees up maximum usable space for displaying website content. Opera 10.50 offers visually improved Express panel, tabs with thumbnails of open pages and other options.

    Tabs and windows in private mode
    In private mode, Opera 10.50 does not save information about the sites visited by the user and the actions performed on them. The ability to work in private tabs and windows is what makes Opera a unique browser.

    Smart address field and search interface
    Using your favorite search service has become even easier - this can be done directly from the address bar. The new address field shows matches in the history of visited sites, in bookmarks and even in the content of visited pages. And from the search panel, you can make requests for searching on the Web or on an open web page. Add a new search service to the search panel, for example, on Twitter, repeat a previously set query or find the desired fragment on the current page - now this is a couple of nonsense.
    Excellent integration with Windows.
    Beta version of Opera 10.50 supports Aero Glass technology in Windows 7 and Vista. The browser is integrated with the effects of Aero Peek and Jump List, and the menu bar is displayed vertically and appears by pressing a separate button.

    Widgets become apps
    The new platform allows widgets from the Opera Widgets family to work on top of a web browser. Each widget runs as a browser-independent process and looks like a separate application for the operating system on the desktop.

    For developers: the latest web standards
    Opera has always been committed to everything related to the implementation of web standards. The new Opera Presto 2.5 kernel in the beta version of Opera 10.5 browser provides improved support for HTML5, full support for CSS 2.1, and for the most part - CSS3, displaying sites in the way developers intended to create code.

    “Our previous-generation Futhark JavaScript engine was the fastest at the time of its appearance several years ago. Our engineers faced the challenge of once again making Opera the fastest browser on the planet, ”said Christen Krogh, director of development for Opera Software. “Today, we are proud to present the results of our work and are excitedly preparing the announcement of the final version of Opera 10.50.”

    Learn more about Opera 10.50 browser: www.opera.com/browser/next


    Opera 10.50 browser screenshot

    About Opera Software ASA
    Opera Software ASA is the industry leader in developing web browsers for desktop computers, mobile phones and other devices. Opera browser has gained worldwide recognition of users and manufacturers due to its high speed, compactness and better support for web standards compared to other browsers. Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with regional offices in several countries around the world. The company's shares are traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker OPERA. More information about the company: www.opera.com

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