Is there life on Habré?

    On New Year's Eve, I decided to cheer up my friend QA'schik and sent an SMS in the style of
    “The new year was released by gregorian calendar, please test it and report bugs”. After that, a thought flashed through my mind - is it possible to use software project management tools for another industry? For example, to manage your life !?

    Having a little imagination, I realized that in life there are also bugs that interfere with life, but are fixable, features that can be learned, and tasks that need to be done (plant a tree, raise a son, build a house). There are also releases in life, they usually think about them on their next birthday or in the new year, when they sort out what happened last year and what we would like in the new one.

    I decided that there was nothing wrong with this approach and set the experiment on myself. Installed Trac, found a couple of bugs, opened tickets on them. Made a roadmap, broke his life into components, set priorities.

    I thought for a long time about the name of the project, eventually settled on OpenAnderson (Anderson is my nickname). What is my license? Here I still doubt that, in theory, the girls can fork me, provided that they refuse child support: P
    Also, they are not obliged to open up changes and developments of their fork, so this is rather a BSD or MIT license.

    What came of this, you can look here

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