Several chiptuns

    Good day, Habr!
    This is MyO, moderator of Nectarine Demoscene Radio.
    In gratitude for the invite bonus to the inviter ( ksenobayt ) and the entire community: a small but powerful enough selection of chipuns.

    Short list:
    • Dma-sc - Visitors From Dreams (Darwinia)
    • Jeroen Tel - Alternative Fuel
    • Geir Tjelta - Artillery
    • Tao - UMD 8730 Intro

    Before viewing, make sure that you have at least an hour to listen, download and react.
    Video from Youtube is hidden under the cut.

    Dma-sc - Visitors From Dreams (it's the main tune from the game "Darwinia")

    MP3 | SNDH (original)

    Jeroen Tel - Alternative Fuel

    Download SID

    Geir Tjelta - Artillery (demo “Artillery 85% Version” by Shape Design group)

    Download SID | (demo)

    Tao - UMD 8730 Intro
    No video, but there is music itself that lasts almost 11 minutes!
    MP3 | (demo UMD 8730 Intro)

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