October 1 - International Day of Older Persons

    Older people need additional attention, but the world is designed so that we, children, can not always be close for one reason or another to help.

    Developers of various kinds of gadgets and devices also felt this. Despite the fact that many developments have remained at the level of concepts, we offer a look at some gadgets for older people: a cane that measures pressure, and boots against falls? There is such!

    Developing gadgets for older people is difficult. In addition to the fact that a device must be 100% useful and functional, it should not be “attractive” to others: from an ethical point of view it is important. A person should not feel "inferior."

    Clinical equipment, as a rule, cannot provide such an opportunity: for example, Holter hangs up - and this will somehow be noticeable. But in the consumer electronics market there are more chances: a small inconspicuous sensor can be hidden in any form that does not attract unnecessary unnecessary attention.

    And yet, it would seem, create portable cardiographs, invent mobile tonometers, but not everything is so simple: the main products in this niche are only indirectly related to health things that do not pretend to diagnose, but solve some local problems.

    A cane that measures pressure

    Concept Fujitsu.

    In addition to biometric data such as temperature, pulse, pressure, which would be displayed on the LCD, it was supposed to equip the cane with position sensors and GPS.

    The alarm button, also integrated into the device, received location data on a special center server, which could provide timely assistance.

    GPS could be used not only as a tracking location, but also for navigation: the Fujitsu cane would (and maybe someday) be able to guide the owner, notifying about turns and other maneuvers.

    A much simpler solution is a cane with a built-in flashlight, which is designed for use in low-light conditions. It looks logical and understandable, however, it is likely that it will not be difficult to make it on your own.

    Do not forget about drugs.

    Modern smartphones can well compensate for the problem of reminders, however, despite the fact that we constantly give away old phones to grandparents, there is still not all of them.

    Moreover, having received a reminder of what time to drink, you will have to remember what it is. Here will help pills with reminders. There are quite a lot of them, we will give just one example.

    The device works simply: at a specified time, a notification is triggered and a person takes medicines from the desired cell. With all the simplicity, the device is useful: people of all ages can simply forget to drink medicine, it is checked personally.

    Spoon against tremor

    Tableware for the elderly as a niche is just gaining momentum. One of the most prominent examples here is a smart spoon (fork) for people with Liftware tremor .

    The handle of the device is a kind of computer, the processor of which filters out the “extra” tremor from the natural movement of the hands, starting up the stabilizer. Thus, the food is not spilled and does not get enough sleep, which improves the quality of the meal.

    Attention to the project was enormous, and it still accompanies success: at the start, the team has received several large grants, including from the "Ministry of Health" of the US and almost immediately was bought by Google and joined the Google X. The

    Another interesting project was set of dishes Eatwell . It is designed to facilitate the ingestion of food, for which a special design is thought out.

    The bottom of the plate is with a special slope, spoons for right-handers and left-handers with a slightly sloping rib to provide comfortable gliding and simple scooping of food, special “non-tilting” glasses - in total over 20 features for a simple and full meal.

    The kits were created for people with Alzheimer's disease, cognitive impairment and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

    For legs

    Everybody understands how dangerous walking can be for a person for various reasons.

    An elderly person may simply not reach the place: forget where. Many announcements about the loss of people you encounter begin with the words: "Suffered from memory disorder."

    Problems are solved in different ways: you can use a GPS tracker as a remote person control, and smart insoles as an aid. These “geo-insoles” include the Lechal project .

    A pair of shoes with brand-name vibrating insoles and a special computer will provide some clues when moving around the city with the help of vibrations. Where exactly to go: “To the store”, “to the post office”, etc., they certainly don’t remind, but they’ll tell you right-left. For a total cost of about $ 600 functions, maybe not enough, but there were about half a million pre-orders for the model at one time. At the same time, the company sends part of the funds to a special assistance fund for those who are not able to buy shoes on their own.

    Another problem is cold limbs. This is with age and pathology more and more noticeable. Previously, it somehow even surprised me, in my youth, to see grandmothers and grandfathers in the April sun in warm winter clothes. Then somehow it became clear: they are really cold.

    Insoles from RedLaika , Blazewear and other numerous companies cannot be called smart, but they perform one useful function: warm. Most heated insoles are versatile: they can be trimmed to the desired size.

    Some completely Chinese there are complaints about security.

    Shoes against loss of balance

    On the other hand, the authors of the Israeli project B-Shoe look at the “danger of walking”. The company cites statistics according to which every third person over 65 falls once a year, and for many these falls end very sadly (from 5 to 20% of cases - death).

    From a psychological point of view, not many can switch to a cane to compensate for the loss of balance, because in the mind of a person a cane is too obvious a demonstration of weakness.

    B-Shoe shoes have an intelligent step estimation system, and, noticing a deviation, can act as a “compensating” step thanks to a platform that is movable in three planes. Despite successful trials, the project is still looking for investors.

    Watching Without Watching Lively

    Developerscreated a system of smart sensors for the home, which are designed to identify non-standard behavior, but without direct observation.

    When asked why not cameras? This is both cheaper and more practical, they replied that this is a violation of private space and interference with privacy, which is unacceptable! And in this, of course, there is logic even if it is a question of good intentions: control over parents.

    The sensors themselves cost a bit, and the company's main earnings are on a monthly subscription. Sensors detect suspicious movements or, on the contrary, a lull: a sensor attached to the keys, for example, indicates that the keys are at home, but no movement is recorded - this is a reason to call or come.

    Partial memory compensation

    Search tags can facilitate the search for items, the same keys in the house. The limitation can only be that the use of such a gadget may require a smartphone.

    Among such devices you can cite the example of the label Nut .


    Domestic device for home angioscanning , or evaluation of arterial function.

    The device with external similarity with the Chinese pulse oximeters, such is not, and costs about 10 thousand rubles .

    Optical sensors operating in the near infrared region are used to perform an angioscanning, which allow to reliably record the volume pulse wave.

    ECG flash drive

    Another domestic gadgetwhich allows you to shoot an ECG at home. The data stored in the smartphone can be shown to the attending physician or sent to the decryption in the company cloud, where professional physicians will speak on the cardiogram.

    Bone Conduction Headsets

    Hearing weakens over time, but the inner ear doesn’t lose its sensitivity so quickly. We purposefully offered older people from the close surroundings of the headset with bone conduction sound .

    According to them, the sensations are positive: the sounds of music transmitted in this way are heard more clearly, louder, richer (this is almost a quote). Plus, these types of headsets can facilitate communication over the phone. The tool is not universal, not a panacea, but in a number of age cases it works. The most democratic choice would be the Sportz wired model , if we consider the range of familiar Aftershokz.

    In the final, I would like to add that these projects and concepts are certainly not the only and far from recent: whole enterprises, entire holdings are involved in the process of improving the quality of life of older people, and every year there are more and more investors and investments. Moreover, the most unexpected sites and projects come to this niche. Recently there was even news that PornHubdeveloped a course of lessons for older people, and just the other day the site announced that it was optimizing content for the visually impaired.

    In other words, the more fortunately the life expectancy increases, the better the medicine reacts to contemporary problems, the more responsibility you have with us!

    Take care of your loved ones and be attentive to them!

    PS Those who celebrate today the Day of Music and the Day of Vegetarianism, we further congratulate!

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