How much is custom software development now?

    Welcome all! This is my first blog post. I am developing (so far - at the very initial stage) my own company in the field of custom development (software and sites) and I will describe this process in a blog.
    At the moment, the situation is this: we are slowly creating sites and software, but customers are only through friends. Now I’m finishing the site of the company and in February I plan to launch an advertisement. The background of everything I described in LJ (indicated in the profile) - and about registration, and about taxes, and about much more.
    And now I will present the result of my own little research.

    In order to know in which price ranges competitors operate, I typed in Yandex the request “software development” and sent to all the companies that were in the first two pages, a development task, asked me to evaluate and name the technologies on which the development will be conducted .

    The task was quite simple: to develop a simple salary calculation system for security company employees. I wrote a simple likeness of TK and sent it out. The task itself can be downloaded here .
    The results were generally predictable, but there are moments that surprised.
    1. I sent out 23 letters. There are only 14 replies! Those. roughly half did not respond at all. From two firms came letters-chippers - they say, these addresses are no longer there.
    2. I sent letters on January 4 - it was interesting who worked on holidays and who did not. Workers turned out to be 3 firms. The rest answered on the 11th and later.
    3. Several answers were allegedly from companies, but there was a strong impression that these were either freelancers or some kind of IP-workers working alone. By the way, they had the lowest prices.
    4. Additionally, I wrote down at what position in the search engines there are companies according to my search query. After all, promotion (and advertising in Yandex.Direct) costs money, and it was interesting how this correlates with development prices. I will not give a separate schedule, but in general, those who were higher asked for a higher price (although there were exceptions).
    5. Many of the firms did not actually offer desktop application development, but essentially a website. Those. in a more complex project, most likely they will fold their hands.
    6. The range of technologies used to solve the problem was quite extensive: PHP (+ Joomla), ASP.Net, .Net (desktop), Delphi, Java, Access. There was no obvious leader, although in general PHP and Delphi met a little more often (here they are, freelancers or web studios).

    And finally, the most interesting thing is the prices!

    For $ 1, I counted 30 rubles.
    I can’t say that I was very pleased with these results. Quite a few firms are knocking down the price. For example, if you take the development cost of 50,000 rubles, then you get about the following scenario. We subtract 40% from 50,000 - this is what the taxes will eat, 30,000 remains. Of these, about 15,000, in my estimation, you need to pay the programmer (if you work separately), 15,000 remain. If a manager participated in the project (after all, someone needs to work with contracts, terms of reference, go to the customer), then his payment would be approximately the same amount. Now I am doing this myself, but this does not change the essence of the matter. Profit is very small, and this is quite risky.

    So I myself would have estimated such a project at about 100,000 rubles - here you can already connect the tester, and generally do everything better, and I would have to play the caviar :) More to ask would probably be scary - the client can go to those who is cheaper.

    However, I’ll launch an advertisement soon and see what and how :)

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