Firefox Addon for KWallet Integration

    As a user of KDE and Firefox, I always felt uncomfortable with the fact that the saved Firefox passwords are stored in Firefox itself, and the KDE passwords in KWallet. In this connection, I signed up for a bug in Bugzilla @ Mozilla about the need for integration .
    And here came the savior - the Argentinean developer Guillermo Molina wrote the corresponding addon - KDE Wallet password integration , which allows you to store Firefox passwords in KWallet.

    Initially, I found an error due to which non-ASCII data from non-UTF pages were incorrectly stored, which was reported to the author of the addon. To his credit, the bug was fixed within 24 hours and I did not find any other problems, everything works as it should :)
    According to the discussion on, the addon should work on both 32 and 64 bit systems (I have 32, everything was installed and working fine)

    I would also like to make a small warning. I’m not sure that already saved passwords are correctly written to kwallet when installing the addon, because I use Weave to synchronize passwords, and on the first update, all data was received and recorded in KWallet (by the way, there are no problems with such a dual synchronization of Weave-KWallet). Therefore, in order to avoid the loss of data acquired by overwork, I advise you to still backup, because the addon is still experimental.

    We try, unsubscribe about the noticed problems on the add-on page .

    PS If someone can, transfer to the Fiery Fox blog

    UPD: Murz reports that the new, second, version of KDE Wallet password integration 2.0 began to work fine with Firefox Sync, so now you can safely use this plugin without fear that the passwords will no longer be synchronized, as it was with version 1.x.

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