Netcraft January Popularity Server Report

    Netcraft published the results of a January study on the popularity of http-servers. About 206 million sites have been verified. Compared to last month, the number of active sites decreased by 30 million, mainly due to the transition of the Chinese blogging service to closed mode.

    The popularity of http servers as of January 2010 is approximately the following: The number of Apache web servers increased by about 3 million hosts and reached 111.3 million in January. This is approximately 53% of the market. The number of servers running MS IIS also increased by 600 thousand and reached the level of 49.79 million, which is approximately 24% of the market. Nginx, in contrast to the above, compared to the previous month, lost 700 thousand hosts, the total number stopped at 15 million, but continues to show growth in the number of active sites.

    Comparison Chart:

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