Extension for code highlighting

    Comrade Egloo wanted to share his experience with the world, but in view of minus karma he asked me. So, here is my post below:

    Often you have to look at the sources in the repositories located on such hosting projects, such as Google Code, Freepository, etc.

    The inconvenience is that often files from the same svn on such services are issued as text / plain. In some cases, this deprives the source code of its usual readability: viewing a piece of code is much more convenient with syntax highlighting.

    Rummaging on the Internet, I did not find such a solution for chrome, therefore, devoting the evening to studying chromoplaginology, I wrote a small extension that implements this opportunity.

    I would be glad if it would be useful to anyone else.

    Components Used:

    The extension itself is here .

    Usage example:

    PS If the extension helps anyone, please thank not me, but Egloo

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