Budget table

    For a decade and a half, he made several design options. I share the recipe. Benefits:
    • The design is cheap and easy to manufacture.
    • You can set any height of the countertops.
    • great depth of the table. Previously used for CRT monitor handset. I wonder what you put there today?
    • there is where to stretch your legs (from the edge of the table to an angle of 80cm).
    • efficient use of room space. The visual volume of the room does not decrease, as the perimeter of the floor and ceiling is visible.

    General form

    The countertop is made of a solid chipboard plate (600mm wide). The first option was made from the usual polished worktops of an old desk.


    The corners are cut off from the original rectangle and the resulting trapezoid is attached corners to the wall (blue circles).

    tabletop mount

    The far corner of the table is cut out of the trim and placed on two washers screwed to the table top from below (green in the diagram) and a screw screwed into the wall (red). You can make a shelf from another trim.

    angle mount

    A block of outlets is fixed under the tabletop.

    securing the outlet block

    And the system unit:

    system unit mount

    Recently I added to the table shelves from laminated particleboard. Fortified in eight corners.

    shelf fixing

    Load testing of the countertop (90 kg + small dynamic load):

    worktop testing

    Load testing of the shelf (4x8kg + 2x5kg = 42kg):

    shelf testing

    Cost price:
    • Worktop: 600x1600 ~ 700 rub
    • Corners for countertops: 4 pcs ~ 20 rub
    • Shelves: 20х100х3 + 20х130х3 + 25х15х4 ~ 350 rub
    • Tape for edging shelves: ~ 50 rubles
    • Screws and Euroscrews: ~ 50 rub
    • Corners for shelves: 100x125 ~ 10 pcs ~ 140 rubles

    Total: Table and shelves: 750 + 600 = 1350 (with a margin)

    PS: The system unit on the wall is the result of the fight against noise. The more massive the base, the less it resonates from the body. Therefore, hanging on the wall. Ideally, better on the main wall.

    PSS: Removed the controversial characteristic “adjustable” from the name.

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