I want to draw your attention to the recently released game for iPhone / iPod Touch.
    This is a multiplayer online game of charades. One draws, others guess.
    The idea of ​​creating this game originated at the Leprozoria.
    The other day, the game finally hit the AppStore. The game translated exists in 6 language versions.
    The game works on iPhone and iPod Touch, requires an Internet connection during the game (enough GPRS).

    AppStore link

    The game costs 99 cents.

    here is a screenshot taken from offsite

    On the first day it appeared on the AppStore, the game was free. Unfortunately, not everyone was in time.
    Those who have a jailbroken device - you can search, there is a hacked version. I saw it myself, but I will not give a link in the post.
    I’ll say it myself - it’s very fun, interesting and very addictive :)

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