Adbook free or Shop template break: Season Two!

    We decided for the New Year to give everyone a present. Firstly, we launched the second season of our store . Now there are over 80 great New Year presents. Secondly, many of you remember our wonderful Azbook poster. Now everyone can get it for free! When ordering any item from our store, Adzbuku you receive as a gift. (in the comments to the order you should write “Add Adzbuk poster”) The number of posters is limited. By the way, in the new season there are a lot of items based on the design of Khabravchan . For example, a wonderful T-shirt “in a T-shirt”. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the creation of the items and the store! PS

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    The request to the authors to whom I have not unsubscribed regarding the receipt of an item with your design to write to me by I will try to organize an item for you as soon as possible.

    Happy all !!!

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