After a week, your post will be able to evaluate automatically

    One of the most popular features of blogosphere media monitoring is rightfully considered to be an analysis of moods, or rather, its automation.

    And now, today Radian6 announced that next week they will offer it, namely, monitoring and assessment of moods in the blogosphere will be available.

    What is Automated Sentiment Technology?

    This thing is designed to automatically determine the mood of a sentence or phrase. Radian6 analyzes feedback on message topics as they arrive, determines and separates positive, negative or neutral values ​​based on given keywords and phrases, moods. If a document or post touches on numerous topics, the mood can be determined for each individual topic.

    How can this technology help?

    It will be possible to make a preliminary assessment of the moods for each of the selected topics.

    Based on the positive and negative reviews about the brand, it will be possible over time to learn the opinion of the entire audience or only part of it.

    It should be noted that representatives of Radian6 do not call their project a tool that will allow 100% to transmit an analysis of opinions on the Internet to a machine, but still this is a huge step towards saving time to solve this problem.

    And we can only wait until a similar service appears in RuNet.

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