International music venue

    I would like to slightly update and supplement my previous publication about a professional music venue and team search.
    Enough time has passed since my first publication, during which several people turned to me with proposals for cooperation, but as a rule, almost everyone did not have enough experience or time to develop. Several investors also turned to whom no common points were found due to a complete ideological discrepancy.

    So, I want to write in more detail about the project itself, how I see it, why and for whom it is needed, and what role it should play in the international arena.

    1. The general idea.

    As I already wrote, I have been working in the music industry for quite some time and almost all the existing Online sites are familiar to me. Each of them offers any assistance in the development and delivery of musical material to the general public. This is primarily the storage of music content and its publication on a personal page. In addition, there are thousands of communities on a wide variety of topics. This is all certainly useful and necessary. But! I never managed to meet a platform that would offer all industry leaders professional services for working with media content. This is what the project is aimed at, first of all (b2b).

    2. The meaning of the site

    First of all, the service should allow you to automate all the processes of working on / with musical material. For example, at that moment when the track has already been written, the musician will always have at hand a tool that will allow him to do work in 5 minutes, which he would normally do for 15 days. And the label, as a publisher, will have the opportunity to interact with high-quality target audience for music promotion. Music observers and radio hosts, DJs, shops, critics, etc. people will always have fresh and relevant information and content at hand.

    3. Scale

    Initially, the project was conceived as international, in English. I am very well aware that it is impossible to make the entire functional set at once, so at the very beginning I plan to make the minimum necessary set of services and functions to start the site. Further, of course, build up capacity and develop.

    4. The team, as I see it all.

    At the very beginning, that is now, the most important person whom I am waiting for and looking for is a programmer. Next is the technician. These are the people with whom I plan to work shoulder to shoulder for the next 50 years :) Professionals. It will be necessary to create new, powerful tools that no one has yet done :) I will tell you more in detail naturally with a personal contact.

    5. feedback

    I correct the omission of the last publication, leave my coordinates: hk [dog], please write a couple of lines about your experience.

    I will be glad to cooperate.)

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