Electrodongboard do it yourself

Good day to all. Today I will tell you how to make an electric longboard with your own hands. The result of the whole assembly was a board with a maximum speed of 32-35 km / h, a power reserve of 25-30 km and a weight of about 8 kg.

Parts (which I used):

1) Deka (made to order)
2) Paris 180mm
tracks 83mm wheels
Bracket from 6mm aluminum
Pulleys: leading - steel, 15 teeth; slave - 3D printing (nylon), 40 teeth
3) VESC controller
4) Battery 10S4P 18650 LG HE2
5) Turnigy SK3 6364 190kv motor
6) Transmitter and receiver GT2B / mini remote

1) Deca

There are lots of options to make a deck: plywood, veneer, carbon fiberglass. You can also take ready. The main thing is to be as tough as possible. If you use the battery from the 18650 unit, it can break if the deck is too flexy. In my case, the deka was custom-made for my measures.

2) Tracks, bearings, wheels, bracket, pulleys

The most common trucks among homemade longboards - Caliber II and Paris Trucks, because on them you can find the largest number of ready mounts.

Wheels should be taken starting from 83mm (on my board - 83mm), because it is more convenient to attach pulleys to them due to the presence of “spokes”.

Pulleys are usually made of steel / aluminum, or printed on a 3D printer. The most common profile of pulleys and belts - HTD5M. For a board with one motor, it is worth taking a 15mm wide belt, with two motors - 9mm.

Brackets can also be found ready-made, or do it yourself. I made my own bracket from 6mm aluminum, and then I welded it to the tracks.

3) Controller (ESC - Electronic speed control)

The controllers can be used differently - starting with the cheapest aircraft-helicopter-boat RC controllers (from $ 17), ending with VESC (from $ 100), which was designed specifically for longboards.

I used VESC because already rolled on the helicopter controller. What are the advantages of VESC:

- Smooth overclocking
- Availability of brakes, regenerative braking
- Lots of settings for everything (current, voltage, max revolutions, acceleration / deceleration curves, etc.)
- Telemetry with overlay on the phone

4) Battery

Batteries usually use either Li -Po packages from their RC stores, or collected from Li-Ion el-18650 with high current output. In my case, I used a battery of 18650 LG HE2 10S4P 360W * h.

5) Motor

Standard in electric longboards have become brushless motors with sizes from 5055 to 6374. These motors differ in weight, size, power and kv value. kv - number of revolutions per 1 Volt. For boards with a 6S battery, it is worth taking motors 280kv and less, for boards with 10S - 200kv and less.

More precisely pick up the motor, pulleys and batt will help this calculator . I chose for myself the 6364 190kv 2450W motor.

6) The transmitter and receiver of

Longboard Consoles are now quite a lot, but the most reliable consoles are the GT2B (on the left in the photo) and the mini remote (on the right in the photo). Those who are not satisfied with the size of the GT2B print for it a more compact body on a 3D printer (BadWolf GT2B, Mad Munkey v1 GT2B, SPARKLE v1.0 GT2B) and swap all the electronics into it.

Fasten the pulleys to the wheels, put the bracket on the tracks, we put the wheels on the tracks.

We solder connectors if some were not soldered. The battery is connected to the controller, the controller to the motor. So that you can conveniently turn on / off the board, you can turn the anti-spark switch on.

We put all the electronics in a convenient box.


Calculator for the selection of components
Calculator to calculate the length of the belt

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