Quest - How I pay a friend for the Internet in Belarus

    It so happened that a friend in Belarus had almost no money on the Internet and was forced to go online in fits and starts. I, from Russia, offered him my feasible help in paying for a couple of months of access, especially since by intramarket standards the amount is not very large - about 1300 rubles.
    To him this amount, in transfer to Belarusian rubles, is enough for 2 months unlimited at the rate at which he is now. Then I did not know that this is a whole quest.


    I asked a friend that he would learn about the possibility of payment by webmoney. Their site does not describe this feature. This process took him several days! No, he is an adequate, adult person.

    In the beginning, he could not get through (1 line in the caliper). Then the caliper fell into a stupor from a question about webmoney. They promised to clarify and asked to call back in a couple of days (!).

    A few days later he managed to get through and ... he was asked to wait another day!

    A day later he phoned again and with undisguised joy they informed him that it was possible to pay, but no one knew how to do it now. Asked to call back the next day.

    The next day he was informed of the WMB wallet number, which he transferred to me, along with the number of his contract.

    I breathed a sigh of relief, created a WMB wallet, transferred money to it, and as a result it turned out a little more than 12,000 Belarusian rubles. With undisguised pleasure that all these torments will end now, I started filling out the money transfer forms, clicked the “transfer” button and received an error message stating that I was not authorized by the recipient to carry out such transactions. This surprised me a little, but I sent a standard authorization request and asked a friend to call the provider and speed up the authorization process a little. He was promised to do this within 3 days!

    At the end of the second day I could not stand it and wrote a letter to the recipient through webmoney, with a request to authorize my wallet, so that I could transfer money to him.

    Today I received an answer from him that he did not know what it was at all, and what I would write to the webmoney support service in Belarus.

    I have a slight shock. I answered him about what wallet authorization is, but it seems to me that this will not end there.

    Question: how else can money be thrown to Belarus, with minimal losses on both sides. As far as I know, if you make a regular money transfer, then the recipient will be charged serious interest.

    Tell me please.

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