MTS tightens the nuts

    MTS added to ALL tariffs (and archived too) the following addendum to the agreement:

    “In case subscribers do not use communication services (including free incoming calls, free SMS, MMS, GPRS, USSD-requests) and no payments are made within 150 days (5 months), the tariffication of communication services will be carried out in accordance with the terms of the European tariff plan. ”

    Subscription fee 8500 rub. per month, taking into account a 15% discount ^ *

    European (federal)
    Pruflink tariff

    Since there are statements that this is only for the “many calls” tariff, you can
    look through the search engine for the entire list of tariffs

    UPD2: MTS answer (I can’t guarantee the reliability)
    UPD3: News on the MTS website

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