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    No one is immune from mistakes. Perhaps that is why many owners of various equipment are faced with problems that lead them to service centers for help. And it is good if this assistance is included in the conditions of warranty service and does not lead to unnecessary unforeseen repair costs. In cases of non-standard breakdowns, not all manufacturing companies are ready to admit their mistake. But nevertheless, massive cases of breakdowns are most often regarded as manufacturing defects. Laptops, for example, also break down and sometimes even have their own “diseases”. An example of this is the case when Apple officially acknowledged the error by the company that replaced the Macbooks (the so-called topcase) even after the warranty expired.

    Enough words, more specifics.

    A few days ago, my friend had a crack on the Asus laptop.
    The crack was critical, because was in the area of ​​fastening the left hinge of the lid with the screen, and brought not only aesthetic dissatisfaction, but also inconvenience. At the closing / opening of the laptop, a crack was heard, and the case broke even more.

    It was still possible to open the laptop neatly, but when closed, a metal loop broke out a part of the case. The lid skewed and it did not close.

    As it turned out, the problem is well-known and appears in many F3 series laptops. The branch on the official forum is proof of this. A crack in the loop area, a crack to the right of the keyboard, and cracks in other parts of the case were not uncommon. Even we here Habré man toldabout this problem. However, a clear answer to the question "What to do?" after reading the forum was not received. Logic suggested that mechanical damage did not fall under the warranty case, and people on the forum wrote that service centers refused to repair.

    Because comrade was sure that he did not drop the laptop, and generally handled it carefully, we decided to write a letter to the service of those. asus support with a detailed description of the problem. The next day, the answer was received: contact the service center. + attached list of authorized service centers in St. Petersburg.

    Well, we selected a couple of services on Nevsky Prospect (it turned out to be more convenient) and drove off.

    The first one on the road was Dialectics Service .

    Ready to persuade the manager for a long time and stubbornly that the breakdown, although mechanical, was independent of us and was surprised. The manager calmly accepted the laptop, even not particularly considering it, just asking for a warranty card (it is worth noting that the two-year warranty ended in a couple of months). Because the laptop was needed, they did not leave it, they just filed a request for repair, and after 2 days the necessary spare parts arrived at the service.

    During the repair, two parts of the case (C and D) were replaced: the

    lower part

    and the upper, around the keyboard (top case).

    A clean new case.

    I want to say thank you to Asus, for being ready to admit my mistakes, and to Dialectics, for the prompt good work.

    Although no, there was one “jamb”: the repairmen of the service during the replacement of the case poorly secured the frame of the touchpad, but this is a trifle, in 5 minutes I glued the frame myself. :)


    Do not be afraid to contact service centers even in cases that seem to be non-warranty.

    Good luck to you and your laptops.

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