Problems with a warranty repair of a laptop Dell


    It was necessary to buy a laptop for the director, the main requirement was a relatively small size. Began to choose among 12-13 inches. Monitoring of our stores gave a little information, there were three models of different brands that suit us - Dell, Samsung and like Acer. For various reasons, I stopped at Dell, the XPS m1330 model. We paid by bank transfer, received documents and equipment. Everything was going well. The purchase was made in a store of the Sunrise chain in November 2008. Meanwhile, the crisis did its job with a store not suffering from an influx of customers, and the Togliatti store closed. Nearest in Samara (approximately 100 km).


    Somewhere in October, the laptop began to break down - problems with the video card - the screen became dark during operation, slightly noticeable dark green vertical stripes appeared. The beech is still under warranty - not a problem, I thought, and began to communicate with the Sunrise service. They first say that I should be taken to the official SC. Further, for unknown reasons, the screw burned down.

    Service center

    I did not really want to go to another city - we decided to calmly repair it in Tolyatti. They took us to the service that they indicated to us in Sunrise, they said that there are different suppliers, we are repairing from some, others are from others, we need to punch, leave, we will check, then call. They took the beech readily, and, as I understand it, were interested in the repair. After a couple of days we get in touch, they report: "We need to change the motherboard and screw." But! Firstly, the supplier was not theirs, and, in general, it turns out that Dell has rules for the expiration of the guarantee after some period from the date of production (as they said in the SC, as it turned out not quite right later), therefore, the store should carry out repairs, Dell from the repair Refuses to give out any pieces of paper to the SC refused, I didn’t particularly insist, not quite understanding what I could demand from them.

    Shop, Samara

    So I had to go to Samara. Before that, he studied the ZoZPP, the civil code. Since we bought legal entities by bank transfer, we no longer become consumers and ZOZPP does not affect us (they say that sometimes it can be proved otherwise in court). Realizing this, for some reason I rolled up a claim on the basis of the ZoZPP, which the store did not accept. But no one has canceled the civil code, the seller is obliged to fix the malfunction for free. Arrived - we are sent to the SC, go there, the guarantee is written in the SC and does not care. At the same time, they examined the laptop, unfortunately, the defect turned out to be floating, their screen turned on perfectly. The screw did not work. I try to explain what the SC did not accept and why, he requires a piece of paper from the SC. It turns out, as I understand it, the eldest, explain the situation to him, he calls up the Samara SC, they tell him that the della has such a rule, but if there are documents confirming the purchase, then they are ready to carry out repairs. Things moved forward, we have the documents with us, they give us an address, explain how to get there.


    I recall another Togliatti SC, I don’t really want to go to Samara to pick up the beech, I call the phone of this service, call them up, find out if they are ready to repair it for free - they say, take it, we need to break through the Service tag in Dell, it all depends on them . There I find out that I myself can break through toll on the hotline 8-800 ... by the service tag. Dell saves on the service desk, calls to this number are free only from landlines, what is the problem with mobile phones and why aren’t others? Knowing that traveling through the menu and listening to classical and not very music while waiting for an operator’s response can be delayed, and not understanding how much it will cost a minute of such a conversation, I find the phone (I had to go to the corporate department). I call, connect with the operator and find out a very interesting thing!
    Dell never gave a guarantee for this particular beech !!! Dell will NOT pay for the repair of this beech. By agreement with the distributor. All claims to the store.

    Shop again

    I’m coming back, I am telling them this news. They are deleted for discussion. It turns out: “We have three options for you, or we put a screw and we disagree, because the defect with the screen did not appear. The second option, we can change your beech to a different one. Here, for example, the beautiful Dell, almost the same, it is not at all used, it was just under repair. Shows something huge in size from cheap gray plastic. Well, the third option - give it to the diagnosis. We’ll check, we’ll call you. ” Naturally, I choose the third option, let it be checked, it may still appear, otherwise it will go back without repairing, and the guarantee is coming to an end. I ask you to write in your coupon about the defect, the receiver argued with me for a long time that he did not see the defect, but in the end he wrote with the wording “From the words of the buyer ...”. We hand over a beech. We are leaving.

    Second visit

    A few days later they call, they say that the screw is defective, a burning smell is detected, a defect in the video did not appear. We find time to go, pick up. We arrive, pick up the beech, the act says about the burn, and "in accordance with section 3 of the warranty card, the defect cannot be eliminated under the guarantee." In the third section, 11 points, please indicate which one, the person behind the counter: "Read, everything is written there." I'm trying to convey to him that in the third section there are fires and floods, and there is improper operation and nine more points, what exactly do you mean? As a result, he found the paragraph that reads: "The product has pronounced mechanical and / or electrical damage resulting from any actions by the buyer or third parties."

    I decide that it is useless to argue here - I ask you to give a piece of paper that we took the beech today, November 27th.
    “We don't give out that.”
    - But what about the extension of the warranty?
    - The warranty is extended in case of repair, there was no repair - the warranty is not extended.
    - The warranty is extended for the duration of the repair stay.

    I rummaged in my computer and found the act of acceptance of the work performed, signs, puts the stamp “Warranty Service Department”. The paper does not even have the name of the organization, I point it out, please put the usual round stamp.
    - We don’t put such ones, we don’t have one.
    - Call who sets.
    - Here is the administrator behind the wall, to him all the questions.

    The administrator, having learned that we send the legal entity to the corporate department, put a round stamp with the name of the organization there, for documents. I come, I write everywhere that I have complaints about the quality of the repair, the reason for the refusal is not clear. I pick up the beech, the documents are leaving.


    1. What to do next, I do not know yet. To begin with, we’ll write a complaint, let them write an official response with the reason for the refusal, I don’t want to go there anymore, as well as buy something, even if they stayed with us. Tell me who came across. What does their point mean? I turn on the beech in the outlet, it lights up - I remain without a guarantee, since the goods are damaged due to the actions of the buyer. %)

    Under the guarantee, the beech according to the documents was acquired on November 17, 2008, on November 11, 2009 they were handed over to them, a 1 year warranty. As I understand it, the warranty should be extended. Moreover, since they wrote that the beech is defective, accordingly the guarantee is not coming now, since the goods are defective.

    2. Fat minus Della. It turns out their nameplate on the product does not mean anything. I already knew that the assembly of almost all beech trees takes place at several plants in Southeast Asia. It turned out that the manufacturer also does not always give guarantees for its crafts. Personally, I will now have a wary attitude to Dell products. Question to employees of computer stores and SC: what other manufacturers can supply without warranty? Experience shows that it is much easier to communicate with an official service center than with sellers, especially if it is possible to call 8-800 directly from the service ... (For example, Samsung works very well with its SC). One more question: upon purchase we were given a Dell Warranty Guarantee, it turns out we were misled, can we demand anything on this basis?

    3. If you are a small organization and make a small purchase - buy for cash, as an individual, and report as usual with you. But your relationship with the seller will fall under the action of ZOZPP, which will greatly facilitate your life.

    How it all ends - I will unsubscribe. Repair at our own expense will not ruin us. But I hope for a successful resolution of the problem.

    UPD: Moved to the blog Consumer Protection, although a legal entity is usually not recognized as such.

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