Zen coding - write HTML / CSS faster

    Good afternoon, see how it works right away:

    Zen Coding
    chikuyonok - Sergey Chikuyonok
    pepelsbey - Vadim Makeev

    This method of accelerated writing of HTML and CSS code is developed by Sergey Chikyuyonok , who “knows a lot about perversions”.

    HTML code is written in CSS style:

    Press a simple combo on the keyboard (Ctrl +,) and get the result: The
    <div id="content">

    initial concept was proposed by Vadim Makeev in the article Zen Coding 2.0. Concept in April 2009. Then Sergey Chikyuyonok, was engaged in the development of this project and now he has acquired mature forms and outlines.

    You can try everything on the demo page. Zen Coding
    website will work soon. Download plugins with full support:

    And partial support:

    The article “ Zen Coding: A Speedy Way To Write HTML / CSS Code ” was taken from smashingmagazine.com, who are interested in a sequel with examples, but I think a lot is clear from the video.

    PS Regarding partial non-partial support, write in the comments.

    Update (excerpts from comments):
    By the way, the project has an official twitter: @ zen_coding

    All the same, plus there is a preview of the result in the recruitment process.
    And here is the demo

    Description of functions in Russian

    Your Nikolai from M2 Company

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