About a wise investor and startups

    Once upon a time there was a wise and wealthy investor. And he had a lot of money. And he invested this money in startups. And he got even more money.

    People came to the investor and said, we have a startup, but the investor interrupted them and said - be silent. Do not tell me anything.

    And he began to call startups, and people came to him, whose startups he called, and received money. And the others left without receiving anything.

    Once a wanderer came to the investor and asked him to open a storehouse of wisdom. The investor said: - There is no wisdom in this, only sound calculation! Look:

    I have 5 sites open in my browser. These are media sites. I read them and when I see a new startup there, I add it to my list. Getting to such sites is not easy. That is why they are valuable - only a truly popular startup gets there. And the rest, if they are a hundred times more interesting and useful, do not fall. And what do I care about their benefit if people are not interested in them?

    And the enlightened stranger left, and he realized that the main thing was not an idea, not an implementation, but a powerful publicity in the media.

    So Twitter appeared.

    Also popular now: