Good Stories and Student Stories

    Dear friends, one day we decided to create a site of good storiesgood stories where you could read a good good story from life or some instructive occasion, as well as send your story or story / story / reason that influenced your life. And we created In the process of developing this site, a student storiesstudent story site appeared , the purpose of which is to collect all student runet stories, as well as add new fun cases from student life.

    I would like to further tell a little more

    Student stories

    student stories
    It is pleasant to recall playful student years when there were no problems, there was no need to work, to worry about something. Student stories remind us of these times, cause an involuntary smile.

    We will share stories from our past, because so many funny cases happened to us during our studies.

    Good stories make us good

    student stories
    There are so many beautiful things in the world, so many wonderful things, although in reality everything is wonderful, it depends only on perception. But sometimes we absorb only negative information (we read news, some stories about murders, accidents,
    etc.). Indeed, in the life of every person something happened (and is happening), a joyful, some very wonderful story, an incident. We can share this with others and make people smile and enjoy themselves. We can make each other better, kinder. The site of good stories was created just for this, to share good stories with each other, to make each other happier.

    Let's try to do it together, if everyone tries to remember something beautiful from their life, and even if they don’t even send this story, it will still make the person’s heart smile. And to infect others with your mood is very simple. :)

    I would also like to mention such positive sites as Motivators and Star Collector.

    We ourselves choose to laugh or be sad, to live filled with happiness or sadness ... Everything is in our hands.

    Development experience

    The site engine is written in Perl ( has a new design :)) using Catalyst , Template Toolkit , DBIx :: Class , HTML :: FormFu , AnyEvent . And one process serves two sites (depending on the hostname, the directory for templates, the database model, data for notifying about new stories in juick, lj, twitter, ... and other site-specific options change). This is quite convenient in terms of saving not only memory (you do not have to start your own processes for each site), but also making changes to the engine. In the future, we want to describe in detail the development experience using these tools.

    Although Catalyst is pretty good, we found (albeit late) a very easy and flexible replacement for it. Mojolicious (a Mojo -based web framework ), without any dependencies. Perl web developers should take a closer look at this wonderful thing, although for now the documentation on it is rather scarce. But development is progressing rapidly.

    Help seekers on Mojo are always happy to welcome the #mojo channel to, also, using Perl, do not use # at and in Jabber.

    In the development process, we were looking for tools for collaboration, a bunch of redmine + git + gitosis + postfix / dovecot fit very well. We plan to write a separate post detailing the deployment of the platform for internal collaborative development based on * nix, redmine, git, gitosis, postfix and dovecot.

    We appreciate your feedback, suggestions, opinions or comments regarding the sites. We will be very glad to hear them.

    The authors would be grateful to receive invitations to the hub:
    dumper and drakonchik

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