ExtJs - component updates

    ed848be8778d7c8ba08898d4f79a4fa81Quite a long time did not go to the ExtJs website . What is new there?
    The framework was updated to version 3.0.3 and a lot of new features were added with it. Updated blog. The documentation section has been updated . The section of demo applications has been updated. Most likely, the visual editor has also been updated, but for recent reasons, ordinary mortals will not see it. Only if the subscribers;)

    So, the blog post appeared Advanced development of plugins with ExtJS ( Advanced Plugin Development with Ext JS ). Correct if the translation is not true. In short, the article talks about what plugins are in general, what there are ways to expand the functionality of plugins, creating your own plugin with code examples and a demo page.

    The demo section also has a large replenishment:
    1. Tables ( Ext.Grid )
      • Row Editor Grid - Editable table that allows you to make changes directly in the cells. This example also demonstrates the use of the Ext.chart package . ( View )
      • Progress Bar Pager - An example of integration of the indicator ( ProgressBar ) with the Paging toolbar using custom plugins. ( View )
      • Sliding Pager - An example of the integration of a slider ( Slider ) with the Paging panel ( Paging toolbar ) using custom plugins. ( View )
      • Grouping with Dynamic Summary - Advanced grouping in a table ( Ext.grid ), which allows you to simultaneously edit a cell and includes a custom dynamic grouping. ( View )
      • Grid Filtering (Updated) - Plugin for the table ( Ext.grid ), which complements the filter menu with new types of user data. ( View )
      • Buffered GridView - Ext.GridView optimized for quickly displaying only visible rows. ( View )
      • Grid with Writable an Editable Store - This store ( Store ) uses JsonWriter to automatically generate CRUD requests to the server via a standard HttpProxy .
      • RESTful Store with GridPanel and RowEditor - RESTful Store in conjunction with JsonWriter automatically generates CRUD requests to the server.

    2. Tabs ( Ext.Tabs )
      • TabPanel Scroller Menu - Demonstration of the menu of open tabs that do not fall into the accessible visible part of the window. ( View )
      • Group Tabs - Demonstration of creating a group of tabs using vertical tabs. ( View )

    3. Charts ( Ext.charts )
      • Charts - Demonstration of the use of 3 types of charts. ( View )
      • Stacked Bar Chart - Demo of using a bar chart. ( View )
      • Pie Chart - An example of working with pie charts. ( View )
      • Reloaded Chart - An example of working with charts with their constant updating. ( View )

    4. Trees ( Ext.tree )
      • Check Tree - Demonstration of a tree using checkboxes ( View )

    5. Forms ( Ext.form )
      • Spinner field - Demonstration of a standard spiner (regular textfield with two knocks on the sides to increase or decrease the number in a textfield ) ( View )

    6. Menu ( Ext.menu )
      • Toolbar Overflow - Automatically create a submenu ( Ext.menu ) for toolbar elements that do not fall into the visible part of the window. ( View )
      • Toolbar Button Groups - Grouping buttons on the toolbar. ( View )

    Among the updated elements, ListView , Panels , QuickTips are also noticed . For the

    sake of invitation I invite you to read articles and translations on ExtJS

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