How designers see the “Year of the Teacher”

    imageMaybe you heard, or maybe not, but next year, 2010, has been declared the Year of the Teacher in Russia . In this connection, the Ministry of Education organized an open competition to create the symbols of this very year, as well as to develop the concept of advertising related to it.

    As follows from the large banner that shows off on the site , the main prize is 100 thousand rubles. The prizes for the winners of the second and third places of honor are a little more modest - 30 and 10 thousand each, respectively.

    The partners of the Ministry of Education and Science in the competition were the Big Change portal and the online publication . Various creators and designers, specialists from the ministry itself are called to jury this case (it’s strange, why didn’t they invite someone self-aware?).

    You can view the entries and appreciate them here . But apparently, the imagination of the applicants for prize and fame is scarce (little men, pigeons, school board), which I have not yet seen original and interesting ...

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