Overview: service for obtaining expert recommendations on professional emigration in the USA RB Relocate

    Hi, Habr! My name is Alexander, for a couple of years I have been living in the USA, developing my projects here and telling about them. If you are in the IT emigration hub, then you probably saw my articles on relocation, the development of companies and the difficulties that you have to face in this way. Such materials cause a vivid response from the audience — for example, after each article like this, I get dozens of messages asking about getting a visa, looking for a job, and running a business in America.

    It’s not always possible to reply to everyone - once there simply isn’t enough time, in some cases I’m just missing messages on different social networks. Therefore, the idea of ​​the RB Relocate consulting service was born , with which all interested parties could be guaranteed to get answers.

    How it works

    Everything is very simple - the user only needs to go to the site and book a consultation using a special form. Then a member of our team will contact him to clarify the details: we will clarify exactly which questions a person is interested in, and then prepare written answers or arrange a call for discussion.

    Here are the questions we can give answers, and what services to provide:

    • Search for professionals to help with various issues - I myself received a visa for talented people (O1), registered companies and organized reporting, faced with the legal pressure of competitors. As a result, I selected a pool of advisors and professionals whom I trust and can advise.
    • Visa tips - we have a lot of knowledge on this topic. I myself received an O1 visa, I have a spouse and children, relatives come to us. Therefore, we know various subtleties in the design of visas, life hacking by quick recording for interviews in Russia, etc.
    • Personal branding services - some types of professional immigration visas require public traces of job seeker success. Our team of professional marketers will help you tell about your achievements and projects in leading Russian and English-language media. We do not invent merit, but suggest what achievements it is better to tell, and we do it.
    • Answers to questions about finding a job and organizing your business - how to make a resume, what is asked at interviews, what type of company to choose during registration, what expenses to prepare for, etc.
    • "Life tips" - despite a bunch of articles about moving to the States, people continue to face situations that they write little about (from buying a car to placing children in sections and circles). Any difficulties at first lead to increased costs and hassle. Our advice will help to avoid such problems.

    Since we do not provide legal services (as well as we are not engaged in bookkeeping or business registration), users pay us only for advice and personal branding services.

    The total cost of the work may depend on many factors - for example, the number of questions and the necessary degree of elaboration of answers, but the basic cost of detailed consultation in the form of a video call never exceeds a couple hundred dollars.

    In addition, as part of the personal branding service, the client receives published interviews and expert columns mentioning his professional successes in Russian and foreign media and blogs.


    We are an American company, our office is located in Miami. Now the service is launched in test mode, but its first clients appeared more than a year ago. We are currently working on an extensive knowledge base, divided into headings - a directory with proven consultants from lawyers to accountants, information on taxation and business registration, job search and visa issues.

    Thank you for your attention, write us through the site and in the comments. We will be happy to answer any questions! Also read my other articles on professional immigration and doing business in the USA:

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