Google Adsense Pushes Direct Ad Placement

    I began to notice a bad trend. Before the crisis, advertising agencies no, no, and tossed an ad on the site. Naturally, not a lot, because it’s not number 1, and not even 10, but there was (and is) some attendance of more than 1000 unique ones. They didn’t ask for much money, but nobody offered below $ 100.

    For half a year now I've been watching how some large advertisers (customers are world-class brands) began to appear on Google Adsense with direct advertising of their sites and products. It seems that even if it’s - well, one company, it happens ... But time is running out and the proposals to place a banner started with the traditional “call next month”, “your site unfortunately was not approved by the client”, “this PR campaign was planned for six months”. And the truth is, why should they pay directly $ 300 if they are in the header for $ 10 or $ 20 per month through Adsense. And it’s not shameful to show the customer - that’s supposedly, as promised on all pages in a better position.

    If one were so clever, then God be with him. So after all, others began to pull themselves up. And even those that are "your site is not approved by the client." And to see such "approaches from the rear" is completely offensive.

    Adsense has the AdSense Filters for Context option to block unwanted advertisers. Hands itch to “punish greedy”, because for a site-site this will result in a maximum of <50 $ losses (<10%), and greedy will have to communicate with the customer, and the customer’s advertisers with the bosses.

    Has a reputable society faced this situation and what does the public think about the response?


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