Recruitment in an open source command

    Familiar with mild karmic insufficiency ( be3 ) asked me to publish this ad. I thought for a long time where it is more correct to do it, but I didn’t come up with it: it’s just that in vacancies, it’s right - it’s a completely different matter ...

    In short, if anyone knows where the right place for such announcements is in Habré, please enlighten.

    Well, now, in fact, the announcement itself: It

    requires people who are inspired by the idea of ​​open source and who want to create really needed, convenient projects.
    At the moment, there is a desire to create a todo list (web, win, * nix platforms). There is a clear understanding of what we want to do and how, and most importantly why.

    At the moment, the team has two people:
    1. PHP / Python encoder
    2. Delphi / C # encoder

    The following specialists are required:
    1. User interface designer or just a good designer
    2. * nix encoder (c, pyton or somthing else) + gtk / qt, experience in creating applets for gnome
    3. Html / css and js (jquery) encoder
    Overall experience not important, desire is important.

    Our goals:
    1. Getting new experience
    2. Creating the right, convenient applications
    3. Development, in terms of mastering new technologies
    4. Improving the acquired skills

    Contacts: , be3lab [at]

    ps I understand that Habr is not a bulletin board, but I do not know where else I can go. All negative, as killing karma, express here

    UPD: If someone suddenly did not understand, then the whole positive is also there ;-)

    UPD2: Description of the project prepared by be3 is located HERE

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