GTDlite - GTD for Mobile

    I want to present my development on the topic of GTD - .

    Prior to that, I actively used Remember The Milk , but it was a big hindrance: lack of projects (I tried to use GreaseMonkey squeaks for this, but it’s not convenient) and poor support for mobile devices (I have noki n810).

    I tried other web services for GTD as well, but somehow it didn’t work out.

    The last straw that prompted the start of work was the announcement of the jqtouch library , as well as the desire to use Google AppEngine somewhere.

    The current version allows you to:
    - add any information to MISCELLANEOUS
    - sort it: the following actions, calendar (actions on a date), pending, etc.
    - manipulate actions

    While this is only an alpha version, it is planned in the future:
    - Improvement of the basic functionality (your wishes are welcome)
    - Integration with Google Calendar regarding work with the calendar
    - Integration with Evernote (section "Information")
    - Local storage of data for working offline (now used only offline HTML caching) The

    resource works best on webkit browsers, but firefox 3.5 also shows quite tolerably. On the desktop, I recommend trying to work in sidebar mode.

    PS: this is my first post on a hub, so do not judge strictly ...

    UPD: transferred to the GTD blog, thanks to everyone who was interested in GTDlite

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