Come2Play: Monetize Communities through Casual

    The problem of monetization of communities is one of the most urgent tasks that Internet businesses face today. There is a community with thousands of active members. It would seem that each of them is not at all sorry to allocate one dollar for their favorite site. But how can a site owner collect donations easily and beautifully without resorting to begging or introducing paid services?

    Israeli startup Come2Playoffers an original solution to the problem: micropayments through multiplayer casual games. Startup introduces an interface on your website with any games: billiards, chess, etc. (there are 20 games in the catalog now). The prizes there are tokens that are sold through all popular payment systems (tokens can be obtained in other ways). For one dollar, you can buy a thousand tokens to play for a very long time. The best players claim a good cash jackpot. The remaining profit site and service are divided in a ratio of 50 to 50.

    Come2Play delivers a turnkey service. The game platform unites more than a thousand sites, it normally fits into the interface of almost any entertainment-oriented site, because almost all users play games. If the user "freezes" on your site for days on end, then it will play here. When the number of sites grows even more, then the amount of prize money will grow.

    By the way, through Come2Play game developers can also earn. They connect to the platform through open APIs and receive 30% of the profit (this is even before the sharing between the site and the service).

    via TechCrunch

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