Firefox will automatically update Flash Player

    Holes in Flash Player tortured everyone so much that Mozilla announced that it would force Flash Player updates to be checked directly from the browser. Such functionality will be implemented already in tomorrow's versions of Firefox 3.5.3 and 3.0.14. Immediately after installing the Firefox update, this message will appear.

    In the future (from version 3.6), plug-in updates will be checked on an ongoing basis, as extensions are being checked now. Theoretically, developers would like to make the process of updating plugins as simple as extensions, that is, without visiting third-party sites. In the case of Flash Player - at least through Adobe Express Install.

    Flash Player is one of the easiest ways to get into the system. Exploits are published quite often, and holes close quite slowly. Even after the update, up to 80% of users continue to use the old version of the player.

    By the way, just a couple of days ago, a scandal broke out with Apple , which, together with its new operating system, supplied an old leaky version of Flash Player, and when upgrading Mac OS, a newer Flash Player was forcibly replaced by an older one.

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