Version 1.0.8

    The next release of the wonderful framework Yii saw the world on August 9. A month has passed, and another release came out. But a review is a review, and better later than never.

    Among a dozen corrections and about thirty innovations, let us pay attention to the most interesting:
    • The defaultParams option has appeared in the CUrlManager rules , which allows you to set default values ​​for GET parameters
    • Added CApplication :: setExtensionPath () method , which allows you to set the directory where extensions are located
    • Added Russian translations of error message templates.
    • Added CActiveRecord :: refreshMetaData () method , which updates meta data for an AR class. This is useful if the table structure in the database has been changed in the process. Be sure to call CDbSchema :: refresh before this method. Otherwise, you will continue to use the old table structure.
    • Added CCache :: mget () method to support retrieving multiple values ​​from the cache in a single request. Some caches, for example, memcache, apc, support this function, which allows you to increase productivity by reducing the cost of extra cache requests. If some cache does not support such a function, it will be simulated.
    • Added methods CFormModel :: init () and CActiveRecord :: init () to provide an opportunity to describe the initialization process.
    • Improvement in CCaptcha, which allows you to update captcha by clicking on the picture, and not by an additional link, as it was before

    For a more detailed acquaintance with new features, click on the links in the text.
    And here also changelog .

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