Review of spy watches from LG

    Do you dream of becoming James Bond, but don’t own martial arts and spy skills? No problem! The new watch from LG will help you feel like an agent 007. In addition to the fact that several types of watches can be displayed on an impenetrable screen: from invariable classics to modern clock mechanisms, they can be used to communicate with people and transmit secret (or not so) data to them.

    UPD: This is the watch of our president - Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. Photo at the end of the review.

    To begin with, I will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the dry technical details, and only then I will tell about my impressions.


    As for the size and design of the watch, it is quite large and no less beautiful. The physical dimensions of the watch are 61x39x13.9 mm, weight - about 90 grams. High-quality metal, glass completely covers the display, does not scratch anything.

    The TFT display is made by capacitive technology, responds only to fingers, resolution - 128x160 pixels, bright even in the sun, diagonal - 1.43 inches.

    A black ribbed strap and a rectangular shape will adorn any man’s hand.

    On the left side there are three buttons: "green", "red" and the cancel button.

    Where a regular watch has a battery, this one has a SIM card compartment. Unfortunately, just the same battery can not be replaced here.

    In addition to SIM cards, you can’t insert anything else. That is, no removable microSD cards. Which, unfortunately, is a big minus.

    By the way, these contacts, which can be seen on the inside of the watch, are contacts for charging (it’s not for them to work on a perpetual motion machine). And you need to charge the watch with the help of such a clip. It is very convenient, especially at night, because it is impossible to miss.

    The whole package includes: clock, charging, Bluetooth-headset.

    But, stop dwelling on external charms, let's move on to the interior


    I am sure that handling the watch will not be complicated by anything. Especially if you have ever had experience with touch screens of mobile phones. Indeed, in fact, this is the same phone, only on your hand.

    Several main functions are available from the main menu. The first is challenges. Here they have voice and video. After all, the LG GD910i is the first watch that supports 3G connectivity.

    You can speak through the speakerphone of the watch, and the special “trick” is that no matter where in a noisy place you are, the watch will transmit only voice. Just remember that it will look strange enough, as if you are a spy. And you can talk through the headset.

    In addition to calls, there is a page with quick access to sound and communication controls.

    As with any phone - there is a calendar.

    And of course, contacts, SMS, primitive settings.

    Well, I hope you do not need to introduce you to SMS and calls. Here, everything is absolutely the same as in ordinary mobile phones. Typing is a little inconvenient, because the buttons are small, but there is voice typing. So far only for English characters and words.

    You can see all the possibilities in the video, including the keyboard.

    And here is the camera! This, of course, is not professional equipment, and it is not needed. You can make a self portrait completely, but in order to photograph nature you have to turn your hand a little.

    In addition to photos, there are also standard functions of a voice recorder, photo viewer, organizer and more.

    Oh yes, music! And she is present. Although, of course, due to the limited memory of 80 MB, not so many tunes can be downloaded, it’s still a pretty good function. By the way, this volume can also be used as a USB flash drive.


    One of the main functions is the “Clock”. Indeed, in fact, these are they. LG has approached this issue with taste and made several watch-savers for this model. It turned out to be convenient, because Now you can change the design of the watch with one touch, and even more so, you do not need to buy with a dial, if you are tired of the numbers.

    In order not to overload the page with images, the rest of the types of watches are following the links:


    And of course, the most important questions - how much does it cost? and how much does the battery hold?
    The battery lasted for about 3 days with Bluetooth and a couple of calls. Well, during the days I used sometimes a calculator, a photo, etc.

    As for the price, they cost a lot, not a little - 22,000 p.
    For many, it seems a little expensive, but when you consider that even watches of this quality are in the region of 10,000, and here also with a phone. In general, for an amateur. For businessmen or gadgets, I think it will be the most.


    imageVideo calling
    imageDifferent hours
    imageAll phone
    imagefeatures Video calling


    imageThe inability to expand memory
    imageNon-removable battery

    Rectangular format, clear boundaries - a truly male model. This toy is definitely not for ladies, but, hopefully, they will someday be pleased with something similar. They will be useful to businessmen and busy people, because this is still minus one device in your pocket. Summing up, we can say that this is a very, very interesting device. Of course, watch phones have been manufactured for a long time, but for the first time with 3G. I think they can be used as a second phone for an additional SIM card. And of course, for those who want to feel like agents 007.

    And the long-awaited photo of Medvedev.


    Have a nice weekend!

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