The best questions of the Kiev-Sydney Wave Marathon. The choice of Lars Rasmussen

    The first part of the marathon is November 25-26 , the online part of the marathon is December 2,
    10.11.09 Lars Rasmussen and Stephanie Hennon on the background of the wave created by the participants of the GDD2009

    Wave Marathon Winning Questions:

    All, here are my favorite questions:

    Best question :
    TimurKa: How soon do you think will Google Wave have major competitors? (How quickly, in your forecasts, you will have direct competitors?)

    Most creative question (most creative question)
    Katerina Chaukina: Which communication tools are you using with your family and friends? Is it all about Wave now? With any others strictly prohibited? :) Or "old-school" mails / messengers are still in use? Are you using Wave to plan upcoming holidays? (How do you communicate withrelatives and friends? Now everything is only in the Wave? / And other methods are strictly prohibited? :) / Or good old letters / messengers are still in use? Are you using Wave to plan upcoming holidays?)

    Do you think modern kids will use Google Wave to find Santa Claus and send him their wishes? (Have you ever written letters to Santa Claus? Do you think modern children will use the Wave to find Santa Claus and send him their desires?)

    Geekest (hight-tech) question (The most geeky (technological) question)
    Maxim Vasiliev: More complete support of structured content could dramatically expand application of wave ... (
    More complete support for structured content would greatly expand the possibilities of using waves.

    The current implementation has two fundamental limitations that impede the organization of some other format:

    blips can by and large contain only plain text and there is no way to store structured content (XML) in waves, except as serialized into a string in a DataDocument.
    and there is no way to adequately display such content for users, except for rendering the content of DataDocuments with a robot in plain text with coloring, and the ingenious calculation of operations based on the results of text editing.
    gadgets can display anything, but operations on their state are competitive rather than collaborative (simultaneous modifications overlap each other), which also prevents the storage of large complex objects in the gadget.
    in addition, the state update handler does not have information about the nature of data changes in the gadget, but only access to the entire updated state. (there are already third-party developments in this direction)

    and yes, I realize that operational transformations for operations of manipulating a structural document are a very non-trivial task.

    but then the developers in Google were not born yesterday :))

    Most unexpected question (most unexpected question)
    Dektyarev Michael: What amount of today's Internet will the Waves replace? (What part of the current Internet will the waves really replace?)

    Most cheerful question
    Vladimir Shulyak: Lars, what it's like when you get up in the morning, driving to your office when you know that you own the World? (Lars, how is it, waking up in the morning, driving to the office when you know you own the world?)

    Congratulations to the winners!

    And thanks for your interest in Google Wave :)

    Happy Waving, all ...


    And once again the best question of the Kiev-Sydney Wave Marathon with Lars Rasmussen:
    How fast do you think Google Wave will have competitors?

    Very soon. We opened more than 6 months ago and we are working in a fairly rapidly growing industry. I hope, however, that our competitors will join the Wave Federation. I would like to see many competing Wave providers, but only if we can cooperate! If others start releasing their own competing systems, but making them closed (like IM), this will sadden me a lot, and I hope that users reject such attempts.

    Prizes for the best questions are waiting for Christmas from Sydney.

    ... and also, a UFO flew in and awarded the winners and the wave marathon team invites to Habr.
    Thank you for your support!

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