Vladimir Medinsky: “My blog is fake!”

    Vladimir Medinsky, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the United Russia faction, president of the Russian Association for Public Relations (RASO), said that a blog on the Internet, maintained on his behalf, was a fake.

    This blog uses unknown photos of the deputy, his biographical data, and even contact numbers, which gives him some certainty. As for the messages, then, according to Medinsky himself, absurd statements and opinions that he never adhered to are posted there. The deputy officially stated that in addition to the site http://medinskiy.ru he has no other sites and blogs.

    I would like to note that a week ago, on August 9, Vladimir Medinsky suedagainst businessman Alexander Lebedev for posting a message on his blog that offends Medinsky with its content. It can be assumed that the appearance of the "Medinsky blog" is related to this story.

    Currently, the administration of LiveJournal is considering the deputy’s request to close the same blog .

    via Press Release

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