Newly-made blog “Success Stories” invites authors

    Reading the fresh alizar’s topic about the successful startup of two American teenagers, I felt that I felt that the materials on Habré, like this one, are most interesting to me, they are pleasant to read, to comment on the excitement and amusing to read other people's comments. I think I'm not alone in this assessment. Therefore, he created the blog “Success Stories” . Before creating a blog, I searched on Habré. “You were looking for success stories , 27 matches were found that matched the query, of which 22 were habratopics, 5 comments.” “You were looking for a success story , 25 matches were found that matched the query, including 22 habratopics, 2 blogs, 1 comment.” I searched for other materials on the topic of success

    . “1075 matches were found that matched the query, including 3 users, 435 habratopiks, 4 blogs, 633 comments.” Already more interesting.

    Flickr Blog (6 users) ... thousands of groups, millions of users, billions of photos. It has everything - a successful startup, a success story, becoming a part of a corporation and a tremendous impact on the whole culture. Flickr has become a community ... ”1 habratopik, move on.

    In da Start-Up! (157 users) Blog about startups, venture financing, success stories, web 00, VC, business angels, marketing, PR ”. 7 habratopiks.
    Already better, but focus on startups. Success stories as such are not published on the blog. The new blog “Success Stories” only partially overlaps thematically, so its creation does not go against the contents of “In da Start-Up!”, It does not cross the road and does not beat off the audience.

    Identity Works. Design and Branding (66 users) ... xsia results. The experience of brands that have become leaders in their markets shows that a non-standard branding strategy and its practical implementation are a key component of success. Here you can pr ... ". 3 habratopika, last February.

    " Strange Ideas (90 users) Commercial success is ensured; write on comments on issues of royalty payments." 12 habratopiks and generally another topic.

    I decided what a blog to be, and proceeded to fill it with materials.

    I invite everyone interested, as well as having interesting success stories, to write a blog.
    If there is not enough karma for publication, write your materials in the mail, I will help.

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