Taranis - an unmanned bomber who was taught to "think"


    Generally speaking, I try not to touch on the topic of weapons. Not because it’s a pacifist, but because it’s simply not interesting. But this is a completely different matter - BAE Systems created a hi-tech drone (in principle, they are all high-tech), which is not just a weapon. This weapon is "thinking." By the way, the plane was called Taranis , and it costs only 250 million US dollars. But is this the sum, if we are talking about such a miracle?

    So, this is not a scout, this is an invisible bomber that can fly over very long distances. According to the manufacturer, Taranis can travel from continent to continent and vice versa - there is enough fuel.

    A bomber can safely go, for example, from the USA to North Korea, “bomb” something there, and go back. At the same time, ground-based radars will not detect it. At least the vast majority of radars will not cope with it. It is intended for the most part for night raids, which further complicates the task of detecting it.

    But the most interesting thing is not the cost of the drone, nor its armament. The fact is that Taranis was taught to "think." It is difficult to say how much its computing unit can be called “artificial intelligence”, but, according to the statement of the same manufacturer, it can work autonomously, without remote control.

    Well, in general, Taranis can be controlled from anywhere in the world where there is satellite communication. Specialists participating in this project claim that even if Taranis makes the wrong decision regarding the target, the remote operator will be able to quickly correct the tasks and drone course.

    Here are the developers of this intellectual, they are also the primary source of news, which is already gradually diverging on the Web.

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