Search tooltips in Opera for Google and others

    As you may already know, Opera in version 10.60 started supporting search hints. However, so far they are immediately shown only for Bing and Wikipedia. However, it’s quite easy to make friends Opera with Google (and some others). Ready solution:

    • We make a copy of the Google search (personally, I could not get to prompt the existing search). To do this: go to Settings-> Search, go to Google editing, copy the contents of the Address field, cancel; Create a new search by pasting copied text into the Address field.
      Alternative option: just go to and create a new search (RMB in the input field, Create search). UPD: the second option is undesirable, because it does not save the Opera partner identifier when searching.
    • Close the Opera. We wait until it disappears from the processes (personally, it closes me for quite some time).
    • Go to your profile folder Opera (if you do not know where it is, take a look at a pre-config: opera:config#Opera%20Directory).
    • We backup search.ini (just in case) and open it for editing. UPD: use only a good UTF-8 editor, for example Notepad ++. Do not use notepad windows!
    • We are looking for the created Google search in it (it will be at the end). At the end of the section of this search, add the lines:
      Suggest Protocol=JSON
      Suggest URL={SearchTerm}

    • UPD: If you duplicated the search, be sure to check the block of the created search for Encoding = koi8-r
      If it occurs, replace it with Encoding = utf-8
    • We save, launch the Opera, try and enjoy.
    • Delete the old Google search if it is no longer needed.

    There will be only 3 options in the tooltip; this cannot be increased (yet).

    UPD: a request for the benefit of Opera save links in search partnership identifiers (for example, Google is a component sourceid = opera). Simply put, when creating new searches, take the search URL from existing (standard) ones.

    Addresses for tips on other searches (taken from the forum of the opera , I tested only Youtube):

    Google Images:{SearchTerm} 
    Wikipedia (rus):{SearchTermasket&format=json 

    UPD: Yandex.Pictures have been
    added, thanks to DS2902 they
    report that all the tips work except for Bing-ru.

    As it turned out, the author of the aforementioned source on the Opera forums also wrote in the sandbox . Since he did a lot of work to collect the necessary URLs, I suggest giving him an invite.

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