Festival Location $ CCA7

    For those who plan to visit our festival for the first time, we offer to see a map and a photo of the building . Please note that the festival will begin on Saturday, August 25 at 11 am. Until this point, the hall will be closed to visitors. At the festival, try to look after your personal belongings, computers, etc. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for them, although some measures from the point of view of security are certainly provided for. ? who comes with their computers and other equipment, we recommend to capture tees or extenders, because with a large number of visitors they may not be enough.

    Internet access will be provided mainly through Wi-Fi. There will also be twisted pair, but in limited quantities (you can increase the number of ports by taking a switch with you). Please remember your own safety. Do not use the services, the password to which is transmitted in open form, because he can be intercepted.

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