What then to believe?

    More than once, many newsletters and many blogs published materials regarding Wikipedia edits. It starts to go far. Now it turns out that the truth is not written on Wiki?

    But now there is one good student. His name is Virgil Griffith, he studies in California and he came up with such a thing as WikiScanner . Now we can see who and when makes corrections on the Wiki!

    This I write after reading the news on 3dnews.ru . Here are some quotes from the news:

    For example, from a computer owned by the oil company Exxon-Mobil, corrections were made to an article that described an oil spill in 1989. The claim that the company “has not yet paid $ 5 billion in losses to 32,000 Alaskan farmers” was replaced by a proposal on how much the company had already paid them.

    So much for the oil company ... They don’t understand that by changing the lines of what they did in this way they won’t change the fate of those people whom they owe!

    A BBC employee changed the middle name of the American president from Walker to Wanker. The difference is small, but significant - in translation from English, this word means "nasty type."

    Everyone has the names "not really", but this should not be ashamed! The name is what remains with you for life. And you have to be proud of it ...

    Interesting facts can be found in the Wikipedia Scanner . You can search by organization name, IP address range, and other criteria.

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