Can bloggers overthrow the government?

    In Italy, the other day the following phenomenon occurred: a huge number of people gathered on the streets of Rome for a demonstration (according to various sources from 90,000 to 350,000 ). The demonstration was held under the name “No Berlusconi Day” - it was attended by 700 buses and unplanned trains from all over the country. This demonstration was intended to declare a public desire to remove the head of state, Silvio Berlusconi, who is reasonably accused of all mortal sins and who obviously got everyone. The demonstrators dressed in purple, as this color has no political ties in Italy (not red, not orange, etc.).

    Most interesting: this demonstration was not organized by political forces (not by parties, not by social movements or non-governmental organizations funded from abroad, not by the opposition), but by a certain community on Facebook .

    What do you think: how much is this possible in Russia and what is fraught with ?

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