List of phones and devices on Android OS that have already been released or announced (Update with links)

Original author: Michael Martin
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At the moment, 5 Android phones have already been released - G1 (HTC Dream), HTC Magic, HTC Hero, Samsung Galaxy i7500, HighScreen PP5420
And the respected Micael Martin has collected information about all the announced phones devices on the Android operating system. Sources of information: MobileCrunch, AndroidandMe , Boy Genius Report

  1. Acer a1
  2. Dell Ophone mini3i
  3. Geek Phone One
  4. Haier h7
  5. HighScreen PP5420
  6. HTC Click– Fiesta
  7. HTC Dream - G1
  8. HTC Hero - G2 Touch
  9. HTC Lancaster
  10. HTC Magic - Sapphire - myTouch 3G - Ion
  11. Huawei U8230
  12. Innocomm skate
  13. Kogan agora
  14. Lenovo O1 Ophone
  15. LG GW620 Eve
  16. Motorola heron
  17. Motorola Morrison - Cliq
  18. Motorola Sholes - Calgary
  19. Philips V808
  20. Samsung Bigfoot
  21. Samsung Galaxy i7500
  22. Samsung m850 Q
  23. Sciphone n12
  24. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 Rachael
  25. Zii egg
  26. ZTE Android

Google itself promised up to 20 phones by the end of the year.
So, gentlemen, programmers, think about writing programs for this axis - the Android Market is still not so overloaded with good applications as the Apple Store
Corrected the HighScreen output from itself, although you can’t call it a full-fledged Android phone.
UPD: Added links to spec reviews.

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