Complex Numbers - Inevitability (music project)

    This topic is intended for those who are not interested in a mixture of interesting music and science.
    Anyone who is unable to look beyond the wrapper (in particular the exclamation “Gee! Look, this is Flash” will be funny), I ask you to scroll further on the page.

    Are you still reading?
    Tell me, do you know how to read the English text at the same time, listen to the Russian poetry text and watch what is happening on the screen? You will try, huh?

    Despite a certain number of flaws (for example, the Dyson Sphere it is better to have a cocoon shape rather than a spherical one) the clip itself is an example of the most optimistic course of human development, from the point of view of materialism. However, the clip was only an enticing part. The Integrated Numbers project is interesting for its music and theme.

    But the most interesting thing for many of us will be to hear Victor Argonov’s related project entitled “2032. The legend of the unfulfilled future . "

    Imagine that after the death of Chernenko, it was not Gorbachev who was elected, but Romanov. In fact, there was such a character and rumors about his election were circulating in those days. However, politics is just a mask.
    The main event is the revival, and successful !, of Glushkov’s project to create a National Automated System ( OGAS ). The success of automation has led to the creation of a society that is close in spirit between our modern and world society. The afternoon of the Strugatsky brothers. Although there is no clear contact, this was my first association that arose.

    And in conclusion, I will quote: “The action takes place in 2032 in the USSR. This is neither dystopia, nor utopia, nor grotesque. Rather, an attempt to fantastically rethink the communist idea, its morbid romanticism and tragedy, the clash of the unattainable Christian ideal of universal love and rationalistic economic problems. Individual love and universal love, local war and global war, the search for paradise on earth and the desire for self-destruction, artificial intelligence and human reason ... There is no propaganda for or against, there is only a problem. And, like the fantasy genre, where the medieval situation does not mean the author’s desire to return to the Middle Ages, here socialism also does not claim political pathos - it only creates an atmosphere, a certain aesthetics of what is happening. ”

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