HP refuses to upgrade to Windows 7 for free

    As the journalists of the British publication Register found out, HP refuses at its own expense to upgrade its laptops to Windows 7. Register cites as an example the story of one of its readers, who, having bought an EliteBook series laptop with Vista Business, decided to contact the SC with a request for free upgrade it to a new version of the system. In response, he was offered to pay £ 27 for shipping and handling costs. Naturally, the buyer was dissatisfied with this turn of the matter - when buying a laptop, he saw advertising banners on the site offering just the same free upgrade, and in the final purchase price, as he believes, this was already included.

    The HP representative responded by saying the following: upgrading to Windows 7 is done according to the Windows 7 Upgrade Option program, and the Windows 7 Upgrade Kit itself is free, but the manufacturer reserves the right to charge an additional fee for laptop delivery and upgrade processes. The fact that they will be free, HP never said anywhere. Moreover, the vendor has the right to establish the amount of this surcharge.

    PS: interesting, but what will happen in Russia with this matter? I also had hopes for a free upgrade to Windows 7, and an HP ProBook laptop, not some Pavilion. If we take as an example the cost in the UK and translate it at the Central Bank rate, then this will result in 1,500 rubles.

    UPD: after talking with HP, we settled on $ 44, and this will be exacted exclusively for sending a drive with Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. Pay only with a credit card.

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